Blm Assistance Agreement

If the estimated costs of service agencies first are generally the same for a project, co-site or long-standing position, agencies may enter into an agreement (no formal inter-institutional agreement) to provide compensation for the costs of goods or services exchanged between agencies. Political measures: Manual BLM 1511, support agreements:1 were made the following political changes. The IPS must be submitted by a certified program manager if it proposes to enter into a financial support agreement. Background: SPI/CIO procedures have been put in place to conduct organizational-level audits, separate from the level of decision-making, to ensure objectivity in decision-making and to ensure that financial aid instruments are not used to circumvent existing federal procurement laws or regulations. The SPI is the tool provided by the certified program manager for the proposal to conclude a financial support agreement. The ISD is the identification of the GMO to determine whether the requirement is a support or financial support measure. The ISD is established by the certified GMO under the control of the public procurement analyst and approved by the BGPM if the expected amount of the arbitration award exceeds $100,000. During the 2015 financial year, a pilot procedure was put in place, in which the SPI/ISD did not require the authorization of the BGPM and was based on the GMO and the PA. It was found that due to the implementation of the new OMNI circular, the Department of Home Affairs, Acquisition, Support and Heritage Policy (DOI-AAAP) and staff turnover, control must return to a separate level of organization and that authorization should be retained by the BGPM, as outlined in Manual 1511. Service First provides that agencies enter into repayable agreements, but also transfer funds directly to another agency via treasury codes.

This is a new process that is being tested at several sites across the country. At this stage, this option is not open to all units at the national level, but based on the results of the pilots, we are in the process of developing procedures and criteria for use. There are two main methods for moving money between agencies to fulfill the conditions of the first service agreement: refundable accounts and direct transfers. Other programs receiving financial support will be b. GMO/PA is not required to obtain further LA approvals for spis/CIOs and cooperation agreements and grants issued under established programs. HOWEVER, SOL will review and advise the BLM on request whether a proposed cooperation agreement or grant is of such complexity or novelty, if intellectual property issues or potential conflicts of interest are ongoing, or other concerns that warrant legal review.

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