Academy Funding Agreement

Ark`s relationship with the Secretary of State is outlined in the Master Funding Agreement. There are also additional funding agreements for each school in the network, including the Ark Academy. The Academy Foundation must also fulfill the basic requirements of the promotion, so that: in the list of search results, click on the name of the Academy whose promotion contract you want to see – this guides you to its individual school page. Funding agreements have been restructured in a more logical order using simpler language and adding a number of additional provisions. These include specific requirements for pupils who need to be informed about the evolution and promotion of British values. The requirements of a specialized academy, another supply school and an academy of 16 to 19 years are adapted to their characteristics. Always get the Academy funding contract you`re dealing with. Funding agreements are no longer available via a link. To obtain the funding agreement, look for the Academy in reference to its full name in the performance section of the Department of Education (DfE) Site. If you need advice or assistance in determining changes to your funding agreements and/or governance training to ensure compliance with the new governance requirements, please contact Chris Billington on 0113 244 6100.

To obtain funding, an academy foundation must enter into a funding agreement with the Minister of Education. This is a 7-year contract whereby the DfE is legally required to grant a general annual grant and an allocation grant to the Academy Trust Fund, provided the conditions set out in the funding agreement are met. The capital allocation remains at the discretion of the Secretary of State. An academy`s grant agreement can be reached on its individual school page. The commitments of the Academy Trust Fund in the funding agreement depend on the nature of the School. For a general public academy, the Academy must: where buildings and land are transferred to the Academy Trust Fund, additional clauses must be included in the funding contract. These clauses ensure that the land is kept publicly owned. Once there, you`ll find the financing contract in the “Downloads” section on the right side of the page.

You must complete your brief and status at the same time as your financing contract. The quickest way to find the Academy you`re looking for is to enter your name in the “By the name of school or city” search area on the Performance Tables homepage and click on the search. If you are a school in the process of transforming into a mainstream academy with a single academy trust, you can also conclude the online funding agreement. Further advice on converting into an academy and opening a free school is available. New Changes to DfE Funding Agreements for Academies The DfE has just published new model funding agreements for individual and multi-academies and free schools. The DfE has not yet published revised funding agreements for non-traditional projects, such as.B.: The funding agreement is the framework for your academy or free school. These model funding agreements are intended for: these organizations are expected to use models published between December 2012 and June 2013, but add additional provisions in the documentation to ensure that all new projects are subject to requirements similar to those set out in the revised funding agreements. The Secretary of State reserves the right to terminate the funding agreement or to request the withdrawal of a member/agent if a person refuses to provide the necessary information or if the State Secretary deems it “inappropriate”. The new governance clauses are designed to ensure that inappropriate individuals or organizations are not included in the academic sector.

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