Flat Agreement Sample

11. Let Part 1 admit that no rights, title, interest or concern of any kind have been left in the aforementioned dwelling. At WITNESS WHEREOF, both parties signed this agreement in the presence of the following witnesses: 10. In the future, Part 1 does not violate the terms of this agreement if it does not have the right to enforce that agreement by a competent court through an action for practical benefit or otherwise, at the costs, risks and consequences of Part 1. 14. That Contracting Party No. 1 admit that this sale agreement remains irrevocable and that Part 1 will not revoke or cancel it in any future. 3. Part 1 has committed and has agreed not to create any future disputes or charges relating to the ownership or ownership of this dwelling.

AND Part 1 recognizes that the amount mentioned by Rs.—————— if the full and final payment in relation to the property in question. The No. 1 party has argued to the Party 2 that the mentioned housing is itself acquired if its successor heirs, family members or others do not have the right, title, interest or concern of any kind and as such party No. 1 is fully competent to conclude this agreement and transfer all its rights in favor of party No. 2 under the terms agreed between the parties and are mentioned below and are mentioned below :- 1. That the full amount of the Rs.——————-`s sale consideration of the Apartment of Part 1 obtained by Part No. 2, received a separate receipt of entitled law according to the predetermined data: Banker Cheque No—————— Dated ————— is issued on behalf of Party No. 1 and reported to ———————————————— – And after receiving the amount in question, Party No. 1 admits that nothing more to say of Part 2. all taxes and legal charges are borne by Part 2, including stamp duty on the registration of the transport certificate. Part 1 immediately returns the vacant property of the aforementioned dwelling to Part 2.

12. This No. 1 party also exercised general authority over the said dwelling to conclude the sale after the registration of the dwelling mentioned for the benefit or in favour of its candidate.

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