Hardware And Software License Agreement

1.5 Except as expressly of this Agreement, all intellectual property rights of the company are expressly reserved and, under no circumstances, you acquire any other rights or licenses under that agreement, tacitly or otherwise. Without limitation of the previous sentence, nothing can be construed as a right or license to manufacture, use, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell or distribute or use names, identifiers, trademarks, trademarks, trademarks, service marks or other corporate names. 10.1 Under no circumstances, in the context of a legal theory (whether unlawful, contractual or otherwise), including any liability for losses or damages suffered directly or indirectly by the licensee with respect to the delivery items, Intel`s overall liability for this agreement or the purpose of this agreement may not exceed the lower amount of (a) the total amount of royalties that the licensee actually paid under that contract , or (b) thousand U.S. dollars ($1,000). “third-party software provider,” the third party that has the right to provide and license the use of third-party software. 7. Third-party and open-source software. Products may contain open source software or code distributed by third parties as part of a proprietary license agreement. You`ll find more information in the documentation of the corresponding product, including, but not only, license notification files, header files or source code. You will find other rights and obligations for your use and distribution of open source software in the corresponding open source software licenses. The customer accepts that he does not subject any product provided by Mentor Graphics under this agreement to an open source software license that does not otherwise apply to that product. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this Agreement, an Addenda and an applicable third-party OSS or owner agreement, the OSS or third-party owner agreement controls exclusively with respect to OSS or the third-party proprietary software component. The provisions of this section 7 also apply after the termination of this contract.

16. Checking the use of the license. The client will monitor the access and use of the software. After prior written notification, during the client`s normal opening hours and no more than once per calendar year, Mentor Graphics may instruct an internationally recognized audit firm to verify the client`s software monitoring system, records, accounts and sublicensing documents, deemed relevant by the internationally recognized audit firm to confirm compliance by the client with the terms of this Agreement or the United States.

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