O Build This Project Accept The Sdk License Agreements And Install The Missing Components

I think it could look for a license for the SDK 27 platform, even if it is not installed alternately, if you run a floating doctor, it will run the diagnosis of the Android tool chain that indicates how many licenses are not yet accepted, and offers to run it with the –Android-licenses-Flag. You are invited to accept the license. After adoption, it will be copied into ANDROID_HOME,/Licence/Android sdk license. To make sure you always get exactly what is written, use base64. Of course, you need to replace the license hashes if the license changes. I just installed this problem these components in “Android 7.0 (API 24)”: SDK platform Google Apis Sources for Android SDK There is a little delay between Yesses, so the order with the license could be suspended for a while, but it does not require human intervention. It didn`t work for me. The verification value for the sdk android license was not 8933ba… but rather d56f5187… If you use tools/bin/sdkmanager licenses – you must always have human interaction.

I have the problem with my gitlab CI. That`s my solution: if the problem persists, you can try to reinstall the platform yes. sdkmanager –Lizenzen sdkmanager –update For more information and other solutions, click here: devcenter.bitrise.io/android/frequent-android-issues/#could-not-find-an-android-package-or-you-have-not-accepted-the-license-agreements, but the above solution is the current official solution (the message “Learn to convert licensing agreements from one workstation to another” in the protocol is not a bitrise error/protocol, it comes fromgradle and Android tools). I post it only in case it will help someone (this solution will be for the restriction layout library otherwise it complains about licenses) You will run into a problem like this, if your Android Studio packages are obsolete, as the buildings will occur in the latest stable versions. To correct the following: If you want to try one of the preview channels (Canary, Dev or Beta) while continuing to use stable construction for your Android production projects, you can install them side by side.

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