Supplemental Registration Agreement

It is important to note that while EPO regulations and directives may authorize such distribution or sale of existing stocks for 18 months after the end of the additional distribution, the contractual agreement between the land registry and the additional distributor may contain conditions that restrict or exclude the sale and distribution by the additional distributor (although such contractual agreements are applicable by the courts and not by the EPO). The registrant and the additional distributor are also liable for offences committed during the 18 months during which the existing additional product can be sold, unless a contractual agreement between the two parties limits the existing storage time. The ability of the additional reseller to sell and distribute is related to the responsibility of the basic registrant. All .nl domain names are registered with SIDN, the administrator of the .nl zone. When it comes to registering your chosen domain name and then managing, Namecheap acts as your representative in the management of SIDN. Namecheap will also apply to register the domain name on your behalf. By asking Namecheap to file an application to register a domain name, you agree that if your application is accepted by SIDN, you enter into a contract with SIDN, Arnhem, Netherlands (Trade Registry 41215724) covering the registration of the domain name. Your rights and obligations under the registration agreement and those of SIDN are stated in the .nl Terms and Conditions of Filers, which can be read here. You acknowledge that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of sale of the .nl filers and accept their applicability to your registration contract with SIDN.

Your domain name registration in a ccTLD (a “new TLD domain name”) is governed by the guidelines and service agreements defined by the registration (or operator of such a registration) for such a new TLD domain name (“New TLD registration”) as registration for their respective first-level domain, or revised from time to time.

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