Tiktok Users Agreement

Users of services living in California and under the age of 18 can request and delete the content of the users they post by contacting us at: www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback. All queries must be identified as “California Removal Request” in the subject of the email. All queries must contain a description of the user`s content you want to delete and information appropriate enough for us to find the user`s content. We do not accept California deletion requests by mail, phone or fax. We are not responsible for communications that are not properly labeled or sent, and we may not be able to respond if you do not provide enough information. We change these conditions from time to time, z.B. when we update the functionality of our services, if we combine multiple applications or services operated by us or our affiliates into a single combined service or application, or if there are any regulatory changes. We will make economically reasonable efforts to inform all users in general of significant changes to these conditions. B for example by communication on our platform, but they should regularly review the conditions to verify these changes. We will also update the “Last Update” date above, which reflects the effective date of these conditions. Your continuous access or use of the Services after the date of the new Terms represents your acceptance of the new Terms.

If you do not accept the new conditions, you must stop accessing or using the services. When you download user content, you automatically download certain metadata connected to the user`s content. Metadata describes other data and provides information about your user`s content that is not always obvious to the viewer. In conjunction with your user`s content, metadata can describe how, when and by whom the user`s content was collected and how that content is formatted. It also contains information such as .B. Your account name allows other users to track the user`s content on your account. In addition, metadata is made up of data that you have selected for your user`s content, z.B. all hashtags used to mark keywords for video and under DenTitl. You recognize and accept that we can generate revenue, increase the value of your use of the Services or increase our value, including, for example and non-limitation, through the sale of advertisements, sponsorships, promotions, usage data and gifts (see below), and unless we expressly allow it under these conditions or in any other agreement you enter into with us, you are not entitled to participate in these revenues, business values or business values or value. They also recognize that, unless it is on our part under these conditions or in any other agreement, that you are expressly entitled to enter into a contract with us, you (i) are not entitled to receive revenue or other consideration from the user`s content (defined below) or from your use of musical works, audio recordings or audiovisual clips made available to you on or through the Services, including user content you create, and (ii) no right to monetize or use users` content in third-party services or services (z.B.

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