User Agreement German

13.2 The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this treaty is Zweibricken, Germany. 11.2 If, as part of the performance of its contractual obligations, the licensee deals with personal data for which the licensee is responsible or if access to this personal data is possible, the parties must enter into an agreement in advance to process contract data in accordance with applicable legal requirements. 7.3 The licensee can only establish rights that have not been challenged by the licensee or have been found with final force. Except in the area of paragraph 354 bis hGB, the licensee may only cede to third parties the rights arising from this CLA with the prior written consent of the licensee. The licensee has a right of detention or the defence of non-compliance with the agreement exclusively under this ECJ. This final user license agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between you (either a natural person or a legal person) whose data will be provided to us upon purchase (defined below) (`Licensed`) and dissolution Reichert Network Solutions GmbH, Oklahomastr. 14, 66482 Zweibricken, Germany (“licensee”) to use the software. This EBA is applicable from the date the licensee receives software from a dealer or licensee (“Purchase”). The licensee agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the customer agreement by installing, copying, downloading or otherwise using the Software. If the taker does not accept the terms of the customer agreement, the licensee cannot install, copy, download or use the software otherwise. For the free trial period, the provisions of Schedule A. 8.2 The licensee must immediately notify the licensee in writing if third parties claim rights (for example.

B intellectual property rights or patent) on the software. The licensee authorizes the licensee to manage the dispute with that third party alone. The taker supports the licensee in the litigation. In particular, the licensee provides in writing the necessary information and corresponding documents and answers questions from the licensee. The licensee does not have the right to admit the rights of the third party without the prior written consent of the licensee. 4.6 The licensee has the right to decompile the software`s interface information within the legal limits of German copyright and only if he has informed the licensee in writing of his plan and has unsuccessfully requested the provision of the necessary interface information, which gives at least an additional two weeks.

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